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Yi Zhao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Ophthalmology
The Ohio State University, USA

Visiting Scholar

Dr. Ting Si
Associate Professor, University of Science and Technology of China

Doctoral Students

Hanyang Huang
precandidacy student
MS, Mechanical Engineering
China Academy of Science, China

Lin Qi
precandidacy student
MS, Polymer Science
Akron University, OH

Ye Niu
precandidacy student
MS, Aerospace Engineering
Beihang University

Shuai Yuan
Visiting doctoral student
University of Science and Technology of China

Master Students

Matthew Rudy
BS, Biomedical Engineering


Brad Homyak
Biomedical Engineering

Toshiki Tsuchiya
Biomedical Engineering

Nayan Shah
Biomedical Engineering

Paul Guimaraes

Michael Gosha
Biomedical Engineering

K-12 Students

Andrew Wang
Dublin Coffman High School


Doctoral Students

Hansong Zeng, Ph.D.
Current Placement: Medical Device Research&Commercialization Engineer, Sentient Corp.
Notable Achievement: $1.6 million industrial fund as the PI within 9 months of graduation.

Qian Wang, Ph.D.
Current Placement: Research Engineer, Bertec Inc.

Shiyou Xu, Ph.D.
Current Placement: Material Scientist, Henkel

Bongsu Kim, Ph.D.
Current Placement: Researcher, OSU Ophthalmology

Xu Zhang
Current Placement: Project Manager, Technology Entrepreneur Center, Fisher Collage of Business, The Ohio State University

Kang Wei
Current Placement:

Hassan Borteh, Ph.D.
Current Placement: Instructor, Columbus State Community College

Wenwen Gu
Current Placement: Faculty, Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications

Steve Price, MD
Current Placement: CA-2 Resident, Georgetown University Medical Center

Lingqian Chang
OSU Biomedical Engineering

Michael Bush
OSU Biomedical Engineering

Abdulaziz Saud Fakhouri
OSU Biomedical Engineering

Heng Yu
OSU Biomedical Engineering

Juefei Wang
Current Placement: Simulation Engineer, GTEKT North America Corp.

Jung-feng Hu
OSU, Biomedical Engineering

Jenny Le
OSU, Biophysics Graduate Program

Master Students

Ned Heffner
Current Placement: Patent Examiner, United States Patent and Trademarks Office

Mehmet Emin Inan
Current Placement: Applications Engineer at dSPACE Inc

Lisa Hahn
Current Placement: Philips Medical Systems

Undergraduate Students

Joshua Ebel
Biochemistry/Engineering Physics
Miami University
Current Placement: Medical School Student, Ohio State University Medical School

Yu Zuo
Biomedical Engineering
Current Placement: Graduate Student, Boston University

Kevin Buno
Biomedical Engineering
Current Placement: Graduate Research Fellow, Purdue University

Hanh-Trang Vo
Mechanical Engineering
Current Placement: Manufacturing Supervisor, Unilever

David Barna
Mechanical Engineering
Current Placement: Master Student, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

Nicholas Domicone
Current Placement: Engineer, TS Tech America

Tim Sanchez
Current Placement: Graduate Student, University of Pittsburgh

K-12 Students

Errek Pham
St. Charles Prep School